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The Goddess – Innovative Art

The Goddess – Innovative Art

Original art:

The Goddess 

Innovative Art

This painting is one I’m very proud of because I came up with an original style and technique. The hair is made from paint I create and dry on a glass surface with special elements in it to make it glisten. Once it is dry, I then cut it out to fit the desired space on the artwork. It is iridescent and bold, incredibly durable and sticks well to other paint surfaces. I did the figures in acrylic. The 3 women represent some of the faces of the feminine. The women looking at the viewer represents the confidence inherent in every woman. She is holding space for and calming the female in the background who is distraught and depleted. The woman in the foreground on the right represents the ability to dream. I put the hair on by creating an outline on the painting and then cut out the paint peel and gently glued it to the surface of the painting. It was tedious work and well worth the final product. I had an art collector mention that he’s never seen this done before and how hard it is to create a new technique in a world saturated with new innovations.


Here’s a visual process of the painting: