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The Commission Experience:

The Commission Experience:

One of my clients coined the phrase “The Commission Experience”. She and I had arranged for a reveal of the commission at her home. We had pre-selected where the painting would hang and she allowed me to install the painting while she waited out of sight in another room. When she came in and first saw the painting, she began to cry, (a happy cry!). Later, she told me that she had had a transformative experience which was both overwhelming and magical. As an artist, nothing could more pleasing!

This “Commission Experience” is the culmination of an intimate collaboration involving multiple discussions and input from my client. This process can be time-consuming, so I make sure I’m available to understand my client’s likes and dislikes around styles, colors, textures, materials and desired results. The preparatory conversations and understanding done upfront, create open and clear communication around the desired end result of a beautiful piece of art that reflects the client’s sensibilities and personal taste.

“The Process”

The first step is to have conversations around the style that the client wants – abstract or realistic, oil or acrylic, etc. If I believe that I can deliver on style preference then we decide on a timeline, the materials, and the sizing of the canvas.

I go through a detailed process of understanding the client’s style. I interview the client around color preferences, consider the space where the painting will be hung and come up with a custom piece that uniquely fits both the client and their desired space.

I have a process where I have the client ‘save pins’ on Pinterest so I can see their visual preferences. I teach the client how to create boards that reflect their visual style. A lot of times I will pick up on a pattern of color or style preferences around the client ‘likes’ and then can meet deep aesthetic needs that they were initially not aware of. By doing this process, it takes out any miscommunication around style preferences due to the constraints that words have in the visual realm. Pictures really do say (and convey!) a 1000 words.

This process helps my client sort and filter the visual process. During this process, clarity is achieved around the end goals of the art. In return, we both receive intrinsic rewards for creating something that is unique and a truly original work of art. It puts personally congruent images that are deeply reflective of the client’s desires out into the world, giving me deep satisfaction and enjoyment of getting to create something personal and meaningful for another person.

As the vastly varied paintings and other works of art on my website show, I have had extensive experience with oils (classically trained), I understand how to layer and mix other materials like acrylics, fabric applications, handmade paper, etching on metal, flow painting, building texture from specially made acrylic paste, pastels, charcoal and a myriad of other materials creating the most unique and individual piece for the client. The materials I use are of the highest quality. I get all my canvases custom made from a gentleman in Los Angles who uses only the highest quality materials.

Once the size of the piece has been determined along with the materials I will provide a final quote for the commission. Please note that the minimum commission is $5,000.

The process of conversations and getting to know preferences usually takes about 2 weeks (or more time if that is what is needed). This gives the client the time necessary for a relaxed back and forth with me and to thoroughly explore their personal preferences. I then begin with thumbnail sketches, both in black and white and color, to give the client a sense of my ideas.

I only take a small number of clients per year as my process is time-consuming, focused, detailed and personalized. It’s not the typical “paint a pretty picture”, “fit your style into an artist’s specific style” or “pick something that’s close” but not personalized from a gallery. It is a lifetime experience and event for my client. Because of the level of personalization, I create art for the client that is truly custom on many levels. I get to really know you, what you want and create a co-collaboration for you that reflects you and all your unique likes/desires around color, texture and visual sensibilities.

I look forward to getting to really know you and, together, creating a wondrous piece of art!