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I was asked to create original drums with personalized images for a Junigian Analysis dream workshop in Colorado. Meaningful images like spirit animals, symbols and deeply held visual connections were decided upon individually for the participants who purchased the drums. In this blog, I have compiled a collection of the client’s personalized images on Remo drums. Remo drums have a beautiful sound and based on the size of the drum determines the tone when played. The last drum, Reiki Snake, is on a smaller drum and when played the pitch is higher and it feels tighter when you strike the surface. All the mallets are personalized with complementary paint colors, some have faux rabbit fur and feathers. Also, I added a crystal gem to the snake drum to add an interesting element. They were all so different an interesting and I loved reflecting and coming up with images that were so personalized to each client. Each drum has been finished with a special glaze to protect the paint when being used. 

Ancient Stag                                                                  The Goddess                                          

The Sparrow and Mammoth                                 Tiger and Dragon

The Wolf, Stag and Madonna                           Snow Leopard and Snake

The Crane                                                             Reiki Snake