Hogarth Art - Denise Hogarth Nicely - Dallas Tx - Local Artist

Meet Denise of Hogarth Art

Denise Hogarth Nicely, a highly talented commission artist from England, has made a name for herself in the Dallas metroplex. With a strong educational background and a deep understanding of art principles, Denise’s artistic prowess is in high demand by both business and residential clients.

Denise’s collaborative approach with her clients sets her apart. She skillfully incorporates their ideas and needs into her designs, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind pieces. The co-creating experience she offers ensures that clients not only get beautiful works of art, but also pieces that enhance and enrich their spaces.

Denise’s artistic journey has been shaped by a lifetime of education and experimentation. Growing up in Parker, TX, she developed a special connection with horses, which deeply influences her work. Her dedication and talent have been recognized with prestigious awards, and she has honed her skills by training with renowned professionals, mastering proper technique and design principles. Always seeking to push boundaries, Denise continuously explores new techniques and materials to create truly distinctive and extraordinary works of art.

Denise’s art is characterized by the interplay of light, variations of intensity and color, the use of unique materials, and layers of both color and meaning. Those who have had the privilege of working with Denise and experiencing her paintings often describe unique and positive emotional experiences throughout the art and commission process.