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Deep Blue

Denise Hogarth, Denise Hogarth Nicely, Treeline, Hogarth Art, Plano East, Local Artist

Deep Blue

Deep Blue:

This painting is a 24″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas. It is a pour painting which means I used paint with extenders (agents that create a very fluid paint in which to pour onto the canvas). I decided on blues. Blues are considered cool colors (reds are considered warm). I chose an analogous color scheme so that the canvas would feel very dreamy. I started with deep blues and added lighter blues and ¬†florescent blues to create the bold and vibrant colors you see. At dusk, this painting starts to glow and change and under a black light it sings. It is beautiful creating a piece of art that changes so dramatically with the light. I also used paint pigment to give it an extra depth. I think it feels like a deep water dive. The abstract nature really lets your imagination soar!

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