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Namaste (7th Chakra) – SOLD

Namaste (7th Chakra)

Price: $2500 – SOLD

REEF POINT ART FOR SALE (October 14th event)

D. Hogarth

36” x 36” etched acrylic on metal

This piece represents the seventh chakra, final crown chakra. The lotus flower represents both a grounding in earth and an aspiration toward the divine. Predominantly indigo accents create alignment back through the other chakras. The Sanskrit word is Namaste, meaning “The divine in me bows to the divine in you,” ending the flow of the chakras as ending a yoga practice. Namaste.

Color: Violet
Mantra: OM
Element: Thought
Yoga poses: Shavasana, Vriksasana, Sirsasana, Half Lotus pose